Ways to be involved with ZIJA:  Be a CLIENT. Order at retail or wholesale pricing with any auto-reorder. Share with 2 friends and earn up to 2 cases of free product every 4 weeks OR Choose the Business Opportunity and life live unlimited with Zija. Trip Incentives, Mercedes Benz Program and unlimited income potential.

Zija has preferred customer AND business partner systems.  What’s the difference? Preferred customers are just that – product users only. Business systems can increase team commissions by 50% which can make a substantial difference in your commission check if you are building a business.

There are many systems to choose from. Please consult the person who directed you to this site to help walk you thru the perfect one for you. Can products be ordered individually? Absolutely, but keep in mind, the systems are designed to work synergistically together to produce the best results and as a result, are a better value.

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Product AND Business Systems 

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Enjoy choosing from 5 customizable weight Management Systems for $200. Includes free shipping and free samples & shaker Cup.

Customized Systems

  • With any purchase of 250PV you will receive FREE Enrollment.
  • Order any 500 PV,  get increased team commissions by 50% for 3 months
  • Order any 1000 PV, get increased team commissions y 50% for 6 months.
  • OR be a preferred client and choose from 5 customized Weight Management Systems with Freebies.  * See downloadable form above

Peak Performance System Includes

($330/250 PV)

  • One Case SUPER Mix
  • One case XM+
  • 1 Bag Prime 90 Chocolate Protein | Meal Replacement Shake
  • FREE Bag Prime 90 Vanilla Bean Protein | Meal Replacement Shake
  • 1 Box of Premium tea
  • FREE 1 Prime 90 Blender Bottle

Preferred Customers AND Distributors Earn FREE Products in Zija! Get your products free with TEAM 250