Team TruBalance – Drink Life In

AWAKEN With Sean Abbananto

We rocked the house last night! What an empowering event AWAKEN turned out to be. Motivating and inspiring – can’t re-do a night like that – if you missed it, man you MISSED it unfortunately. Thanks to all who helped with the event and all who attended. Sean Abbananto, you rocked it my friend. Lives were changed as you inspired and ingnited passion.

Advice for anyone today…. dream and dream big! :)

Weight Loss Testimonial – Bryan

Without the risk of sounding like some sort of gimmick, I can tell you that I am now convinced Zija is the answer to so many of my health concerns. After taking the XM Personal System for just a week, I am almost embarassed to tell you of the crazy difference it has made in my daily life. The results truly seem supernatural. But, I guess you already know this. Thats probably why you decided to share it with me. First off, lets talk about energy. When I first approached you, I was simply looking for a healthy alternative to the mainline energy drinks. While effective at giving me a energy “rush,” after just a little research, I realized that in other ways they were actually pretty toxic. I conciously made the decision to not sacrifice long term health for short term energy. And the XM pack delivered bigtime! No energy? No problem. Just take a capsule, and soon I was finding the SUSTAINING, smooth energy that would last me throughout the day. It wasn’t just a “rush,” it was a “drive.” A drive that could run a marathon, not just a sprint. And along with the energy came a natural appetitive suppresion. I wasn’t even looking for this. I jwas just hoping for energy. But BOY, did it come! Nearly every day at least once, it would hit me that I had barely had anything to eat, if at all! It was crazy! So, naturally, what happens when I keep the same structured exercise regiment with not eating as much? WEIGHTLOSS! At the end of the first week, I lost a total of 9.8 lbs. Yes, I said week, not month. Are you kidding me!?!?! I had already been working out for awhile, and experiencing success. But Zija took it to a whole new level! Thanks for sharing with me!