BREAK the BANK Million $$ Promo underway

Zija just announced the Break the Bank PROMO – to line your pocketbook this summer!

Very simple: sign up 2 people with 150PV and activate 150PV autoship, and “unlock” your vault – $100 get’s deposited.  You will also earn a DOUBLE Builder Bonus – which is another $100 and this doesn’t include FOB – First Order Bonus of 20% PLUS the volume rolls into your team commissions! This is HUGE!

Break the Bank details: click here

Double Builder Bonus details: click here

Get 2 Builder Promo

PROMO for extra cash going on now! Now is the perfect time to develop duplication and continued momentum in your business. This promotion is designed to help everyone “Get 2 Builder” with a little extra incentive. Any new enrollees during Period 35 will count towards this promotion to earn some extra cash:

How do you do it? Completing a Personal System Option will earn you $100 EBB; • completing a Builder System 1 Option will earn you a $200 EBB; • completing a Builder System 2 Option will earn you a $300 EBB.  Ask your business partner for details on this great incentives to grow your business while growing your pocket book! $$


Weight Loss Trial Kits for $25

Special Offer to new clients.  $25 Weight Loss System includes 4 day weight loss sample kit with 4 Smart Drinks {NUTRITION} 4 Xm3 Weight Loss Capsules {FAT BURN} and 2 Detox Teas {DETOX WHILE YOU SLEEP}. When you love it – and we know that you will – we have a special on this system! Just ask about it. It comes with lots of free stuff.