Zija University

Have you used Zija University yet? We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about this exciting new site. It’s chock full of training and promotional tools, videos and documents to help you learn more about Zija, plan and run meetings, use our new Builder Systems, enroll new Distributors and much more.

Class in now in session! Find a link to Zija University in your Back Office.

This is everything you need to know to start and maintain a highly successful Zija business.

Team 250

Team 250 – The members of Zija’s DLC have this to say about our newTeam 250 Program:

“Zija International has set a new standard of excellence with the creation of Team 250. In our combined 50+ years of experience in network marketing, there has never been anything like this. It creates a simple path for success.

The definition of network marketing is ‘a method of moving a product and/or service from a manufacturer to the end consumer, which requires a lot of people doing a little bit.’ Team 250 does exactly that. It rewards the most basic and fundamental activity, which is introducing new business each Period either by enrolling Preferred Customers or Distributors with a minimum volume of 250 PV. The benefits of qualifying for Team 250 are unprecedented; a ‘gratis’ AutoShip paid for by the company, a zero dollar monthly maintenance, additional Compensation Plan benefits and much more!

Team 250, and particularly the opportunity to become a Charter Member of this elite club, ensures a lifetime of special benefits. As Distributors qualify and maintain their membership, they will find stability, consistency and a growing residual income. The collective efforts of each member and their respective teams will lead to a robust business that will fuel growth as Ziija sets the bar for the entire industry.

We are part of a revolutionary system that is simple. Zija is the next billion-dollar company, which will become the gold standard for others to follow and emulate. Be sure that you become a Charter Member of Team 250 during Period 45, and that you support and train your team to do the same. If you do, you will set yourself up to become the next rising star in Zija International, and will secure your place in the history of network marketing.”

For more information on Team 250, refer to the flyer in your Back Office.