TEAM in Vegas June 2015

JOINflat.png10+ Members of the team were found in Las Vegas this past weekend for the launch of new products. We had a blast.

Thanks to ZIJA for putting together such an amazing company, leadership, support and opportunity to live life unlimited.

zija lunch meeting

stacey joy and gina









zija group with ken

las vegas combo pic

deby joy aubrey vegas



Testimony – Pat D.

A few weeks ago I shared with you – my Doc ran tests after I had taken the Zija products a short time. I improved in every measurable category: prostate, liver, kidney, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid, etc. The Doc responded by reducing my meds – although I can’t “say” that Zija did it, it’s the only thing I changed.

The following week they checked my lung function and it too had improved significantly after years of no change.

Last week (after having Macular Degeneration for 16 years) my eye Doctor said he found no evidence of Macular Degeneration at all. I don’t know that others would experience the same results as me, but many people have. The body has an amazing ability to respond to proper nutrition. Thanks for sharing ZIJA with me.  Pat D.


Zija International Convention! Guest speakers John Maxwell & Les Brown.

New product launch. Facility Tours and Mercedes Giveaways!

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