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Fooled by the Media

Oh how the marketing people fool us with their clever commercials. This can pertain to many areas – especially in the food/health category. These days, it’s hard to tell what you are eating, the nutrients and if it’s been genetically modified or not! If we could just go back in time and enjoy simplicities like growing our own food, working hard, going to bed early and getting up early, I believe we would all be much healthier.

The food pyramid that we learned in school does not remotely look like the one that people actually consume today.  With modified, man made foods made to last on the shelves, with inaccurate labeling, it’s hard to tell if something is good for us or not!  Lets look at one product that many people THINK is very healthy – but is it?

“All so-called ‘active’ brands of yogurt, touted as ‘good-for-you’, are ALL JUNK FOOD, loaded with water, chemical enzymes, unabsorbable minerals, vitamins, and dead flora, genetically modified starches/gum/colloids, fake flavors, artificial colors, reconstituted and nutrient void pieces of fruit, HFCS , chemical and cancer causing high intensity sweeteners, harsh acids, as well as chemical preservatives and stabilizers.”
There are 4 main sources of truly absorbable high value sources vitamin D-3 on the planet: Zija® moringa, sunshine, and whole raw fresh unpasteurized milk, and fresh dark green leafy vegetables or fresh fruits.

Any bait and switch to try “Greek” or “organic” or “all natural” as better for you, on yogurt brands, is also a fraud.
~ Uncle Russ ~

Get educated. Read your labels and add Zija to your daily routine for optimal health.