Skin Care Testimony – Carol D

Before I go to bed tonight, I wanted to share my story of my skin care by Zija’s GenM (Generation Moringa) skin care products! Most would not say this (HA), but of course, I will! I had what I would call “turkey neck” among a few wrinkles. I kept looking in the mirror all day (trust me, I tried not to look in that mirror too often) today thinking, “is this my imagination? Is it still a turkey neck or is just gone?” I can’t explain it; however, as of today, it is mostly not there. Okay… you want a number? Between 1-10, 10 being worse; before GenM, I would say my neck was a 9! Today, I would tell you, on the same scale, my neck was a 4 1/2! I am not kidding! I am SOOOOO excited! Pure nutrition drink and great skin care!! If you want to sample Zija’s skin care line I recommend it. Also, if you are open to earning extra income or a full income; I highly recommend it! This is a great opportunity! I am having the time of my life… and I’m not punching a time clock, thankfully!! Drink Life In! Best thing that ever happened to me and my family and friends who were open to the opportunity!  Love my Zija!  Carol D.