Lupus Testimony – Teresa S.

I have had Lupus Nephritis since I was 12 years old, diagnosed in 1983 through a kidney biopsy. (I’m 40 now.) The blood tests that my Dr. consistently runs are CBC and Creatinine, in concert with checking my urine for protein leaking. The second one is the indicator at how well my kidneys are functioning and since taking Zija that level has decreased and has been maintained at around 1.0 which is very good considering the kidney disease I’ve endured. This good result leads to less protein leaking from the kidneys through the urine.  During lupus flares, the creatinine has rocketed to 1.7 to 1.8.  It seems that every 6 – 7 years I have a very significant flare up that knocks me down and I’m literally unable to function day to day.  These seem to coincide with major stresses. Since adding Zija to my treatment in November 2009, I have not had a flare notwithstanding the additional stress I’ve had by adding another child to our family and many extra duties at my full time job along with running our household. I continue to drink the Smart Drink and occasionally (2-3 times per week) follow up with the XM3 capsule or XM3 drink depending on energy needed that day and I love the Miracle Tea.  I think that the tea component contributes greatly to ridding my body of unwanted elements that could cause the Lupus to flare up.