Health Testimony – Shelly T.

Today’s thoughts on weightloss and wellness…
-I had been on a weightloss plateau for almost 3 months
-I began using Zija about a month ago
-If ANYONE Is on a budget- I am.
-The health benefits are worth the cost of the product – it is affordable
-I went to the doctor this morning and have lost over 13 pounds this month.
-I am requiring less sleep and have noticed an increase in alertness on less sleep.
-I have noticed an increased ability to handle and deal with stress. And I have a LOT of stressors right now. Those that know me well- understand.
-I have an incredible amount of energy- so much so that I am even working out.
-My hair and skin feel and appear healthier.
Do I think Zija works? I do. I am just trying to spread the health!  Shelly T.