Testimony – Heather

Heather shares Her Story………
33 years ago I came into this world 3 months early, weighing only a pound and 2 ounces, clearly a miracle! My fight for survival had begun. Early on I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Throughout my childhood I had many hospitalizations along with many surgeries, all in an attempt to improve the quality of my life. The same has continued throughout adulthood as well. My good friend Leslie Nagel introduced me to Zija back in February of this year, before that time I had really been struggling with my health. I was hospitalized in August of 2011 through October 2011 with an array of complications, pulmonary, digestive, neurological, and muscular. I was bed bound the whole time, unable to do anything for myself. After being discharged from the hospital I was still in no shape to care for myself, so a home health agency got involved in my recovery process, trying their best to help me regain my strength, my stamina, and my mobility. For mobility I mainly used my wheelchair to get around and when I wasn’t going to visit the doctor I pretty much was in bed all day. All that changed the day I received Zija in the mail. I admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was faithful in drinking the smartmix every morning. After the third day I noticed a drastic change in my energy level and on day five I went to our fitness center here at the complex and rode a stationary bike 5 MILES, no exaggeration! I wasn’t even sore afterwards, I couldn’t believe it. Even the physical therapist saw a difference in my muscle tone and my stamina. It intrigued her so much that she tried Zija. I was a continued miracle in the making. I have consistently been on the Smartmix since then, occasionally drinking the detox tea, and I am no longer relying on botox injections to decrease the spasticity in my legs, I am walking with the aid of a cane and only using a wheelchair for long distances, I am able to keep a stable healthy weight (I was always underweight), I am completely pain free and on NO pain meds and reduced to taking only three meds at night, but soon to be off those as well. I now have the freedom to be and do anything. Since Zija I’ve been able to travel, my first trip was New Orleans, two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas celebrating my 33rd birthday with a Celine Dion Concert at Caesars Palace, and just last week I was in South Carolina for a friend’s wedding. All this I attribute to the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ and His healing power through the Moringa found in Zija products.
* This is Heather’s experience, others may or may not have the same experience.

It is true… nutrition doesn’t diagnose, treat or cure… doesn’t even mitigate… but one thing is for sure – when you give your body the proper nutrition it has the amazing ability to restore itself! If you want Lifelong Results, Zija is the best Lifestyle Change you can make!