Weight Loss Testimony – C. W.

“I’ve had a weight issue most of my life. A car accident at the age of 25 resulted in a broken hip and crushed ankle, which caused the weight gain to escalate. I tried numerous ‘diet’ programs with the same results – weight loss then weight gain.  I have been blessed with two active, sports-involved boys and a beautiful wife whose concern for my health opened the door for a friend to share about Zija.

I have been on the Zija weight management system since January 2011. I’ve lost 140 pounds to date and I’m feeling great! For the first time, my body is satisfied from the nutrition I’m getting from the Zija Smart Mix and I’m eating less.  I am not on an exercise program, however, I can now be a part of my sons’ active lifestyles by joining them in their outside activities.  C. Williams