Testimony – Multiple T & E S.

“My wife started using the Zija products to help our son. I didn’t even know that she was using them, but after 11 days I noticed that she had lost weight. I asked her what she was doing and she informed me that the only change in her diet was the Zija. She lost almost 9 pounds in those 11 days! Up to that point, I was highly skeptical because I had tried “Multi-Level Marketing” opportunities in the past. I had failed miserably in each of them because they were all consumed with “making money,” it was NEVER about the products.

Seeing my wife’s weight loss, I became interested and started using it myself. After only 4 days, I noticed my shoulder felt better…and so did my hips. . my entire body felt great for the first time in my adult life.  It does not stop there. After 4 weeks on Zija, I noticed my sugar addiction haulted as well. The Zija Oil worked amazingly on a skin rash.  I’m on this stuff for life! T & E Sacca