Testimony – A & D C.

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease sixteen years ago after the death of my husband, who fought a long battle with cancer. My daughter was only 7 years old at the time. My doctor told me I had the worst case of Crohn’s that he had ever seen. Eating was a painful endeavor since it caused severe abdominal cramps, so I soon became weak and malnourished.  The medications my doctor put me on caused numerous side effects that created problems of their own. For the past 6 years, on an 8-week interval, I’ve gone to the clinic and received an IV of a drug that my doctor prescribed.  When I started using Zija last October,  I decided then that I was going to take charge of my health. Since starting on Zija products on October 27, 2010 I feel better than I have in many years!

My husband Don has also seen  some amazing results using Zija. He has more energy, his joints are happy with the anti-inflammatories and he even  claims that his golf game should have improved, but I think that might take a little more practice! – A & D Cundiff