Zija is Expanding!

At Zija – business is booming!     We are outgrowing our current facilities and are building a new building & manufacturing plant (See pics below). The following is a recap of a recent Call that Zija Founder and CEO, Ken Brailsford held and introduced each member of the Zija Executive Team and asked them to share their vision for Zija’s expansion. Here’s some key comments;

Rod Larsen (President/COO)
“Our entire management team is the best of the best. With over 100 years of experience in this industry, we’re prepared to steer the company in the right direction. We expect an incredible amount of growth and opportunity this year here at Zija-which will enable you to accomplish whatever financial goals you wish to achieve!”

Kent Lewis (VP, International)
“Zija is opening Australia later in the fall, with Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and Panama expected to open by the end of the year.”

Jayson Jorgensen (VP, Operations)
“We’re now working on a product pipeline with new products forecasted a year out. We have purchased our new warehouse where we will begin manufacturing as soon as possible.”

Cathy Yeates (VP, HR and Customer Relations)
“Our teams are growing, with someone here in the office to support Zija Distributors from 7am to 2am (Japan) everyday. Our job is to listen and provide the best support possible to the best Distributors in the industry!”

Ryan Palmer (Director, North American Sales)
“Make sure you take advantage of the Break the Bank Promotion and Tour! We’ll be releasing a new product line at the Tour stops, so make sure you register for the stop closest to you by visiting zijaevents.com!”

Mike Hershberger (VP, Information Technology)
“My sole job is to make sure that your genealogy systems function correctly and that checks are always paid out correctly. Our IT team is second to none, and prepared for worldwide, exponential expansion.”

Ken and Rod mentioned our new warehouse, our new building, expanded operations, and much more. Ken also reminded PPP participants the the first checks from the PPP are due very soon, and he encouraged all others to strive to remain at the top of the PPP Waiting List. With all of the new markets soon to be opened, Zija is poised-and ready-for massive expansion worldwide!

Zija is expanding!  Are you coming along with us on this amazing journey?