Testimony – Weight Loss, Energy – Stacey C.

After not wanting to do another diet, I was introduced to Zija’s Weight Management System.  Being on the whole system & being consistent, I lost the 10 lbs that I had been trying to get rid of in 2 weeks.  I continued on the Smart Mix because after doing my own research I understood that my body needed the nutrition & continued to do the detox tea about 2 or 3 times a week.  After another month & a half, I lost another 10 lbs which was a bonus.  I was taking medications that made me sluggish and so tired all the time.  After being on the Smart Mix for about 2 months, I would wake up before my alarm & I no longer needed my hour nap everyday.  Zija has been a true blessing to me and my family. Stacey C.