Testimony – Krista B.

I tend to feel down in the short days of winter without the sunshine.  It was in my bible study that Wendy introduced me to Zija. After taking the products, I  had more energy, better mood and was sleeping through the night like a baby! Another nice side effect was that I had lost about 5 pounds too!  That was a year ago.  Since then,  my energy has been sustained and my mood stable.  This spring, I decided to give the smart mix to my 2 daughters.  My youngest was having some digestion issues and when I asked her if she could tell anything different from drinking Zija her reply was, “it changed my life!”…she’s 6.  After that, my husband decided to give Xm3 personal system a try.  He reports improved mental clarity, increased energy level, and an overall healthy feeling.  He also has lost 10 pounds in the short time he’s been on the system!  Zija has been a God send to our family!  Krista B.