Fibromyalgia Testimony – Janice P.

At age eleven I had a serious horse accident which broke my back and dislocated a kidney.  During the next 50 years I was a patient of many doctors because of not being able to walk and being bedfast.  They were at a loss as to why I experienced constant debilitating pain and fatigue.  It was a very frustrating period of my life as I had some doctor’s suggest that “this pain must be in my mind and perhaps I should consider a psychiatrist”…. or “this is part of being a woman”!!  We lived on a farm and I tried to help my husband in his building business but quickly realized that I was unable to do any manual labor.

Once again I began experiencing excruciating pain and fatigue.  After extensive testing and ruling Lupus out, the doctor gave my condition a name at last . . . “fibromyalgia”.  I wasn’t sure what that meant for my future but knew I did not want this condition to “own” my body!

A message therapist led me to natural alternative choices.  I began using good nutrition products and led a much easier life daily versus taking various medications given to me by medical doctors.  Two months ago a friend suggested I try a product she was using with great success, called “Zija.”  Within one week my restless leg syndrome had quieted down and I had much more energy.  After continuing on this “Miracle Plant” I have continued to experience very positive improvement in my total health.  Should you have further questions about this amazing product, please feel free to call me at:  580.762.8591 or email me at

Janice P. Ponca City, OK