Anti Inflammatory Testimony – Jill S.

This is lengthy – but please read to the end. Zija changed my life. I was not feeling well in  January of 2008 and had some health challenges. I gained 30lbs and was tired all the time and couldn’t even function.  One simple task would wear me out for the remainder of the day, just complete exhaustion like I can’t even describe. My routine of trying to feel better was pretty lengthy.   It was around this time that I was introduced to Zija. I was skeptical, but desperate. I’m a mom of quadruplets and my husband was having to carry the load because I was sick all the time. I was tired of the stress on the family and tired of missing out on the kids events because I was tired or just didn’t feel good.  November 2009 I started drinking the smart drink.  After a couple of weeks I began to notice a difference – more energy, sleeping better, etc. I had been on the smart drink for about 15 months and decided I was feeling so great that I didn’t need it anymore.  My mistake! After about 3 weeks without it, and me noticing a huge difference when I didn’t have it – I returned and my husband told me to NEVER GET OFF IT AGAIN. I am on Zija for life! I’m happy to report that I am back at work, cooking & attending to household chores. My husband is happy to have his wife back and the kids said, “finally, we have our mom back.” I’m now able to attend ALL the quads sporting events {which is non stop!} and I feel great. Zija made all the difference for me. Zija has truly changed my life. Thanks Shana for sharing it with me, I will be forever grateful and highly recommend it to anyone.

Jill S.