General Testimony – DeAnn H.

In Aug. 2010 I started using Zija. I had been having some  issues that I felt I was too young  to have and  was stressing myself out about it and it was making things worse. My husband works very long hours during his busy seasons. I just had no energy to keep up with my 1 1/2 year old son, keep my house clean, laundry done and also work my 40 hour week. I was complete stressed out to the max. So one day as I was explaining all this to my Aunt she mentioned Zija to me and explained how many people she had seen it help with the same exact problems I was having. I also wanted to lose some weight and try to better my health. I started drinking the mixed drink and taking the Xm AM pills. I was amazed at how well it was working. I lost 35 pounds in about 3 months and feel great. I had no idea how much Zija could help me, our family is enjoying life again.

DeAnn H.