Weight Loss Testimonial – JoeAnna T.

I have been eating out almost everyday for the last eight to nine months. My body and health has suffered from this behavior. I have gained many pounds and my energy has gone out the window. It’s been so long since my body knew what it feels like to feel good. Until…ZIJA.

I bought the Smart Mix, capsules, and tea. That was one of the best buys I have made in a long time without regret. The Smart Mix was wonderful and surprisingly very good. I can’t say enough good things about this product. It made my entire body feel good. I sleep the entire night and woke up without the usual stiff joints, my neck even felt better (from an accident), and I felt refreshed. Wow, what a feeling. The capsules are a blessing as well for the simple reason that my heart doesn’t race like it does when I take any form of energy drink or diet pill. This little capsule gives me what I need for energy and on top of that it curbs my appetite. No, wait! It kills my appetite. I not only had to remind myself to eat but, I had to MAKE myself eat because I just wasn’t hungry. On top of that I still wasn’t tired. One of my favorite items is the tea. The tea is so good that I had to share it with my mother and sister. They loved it. I’m a big tea drinker and I will go out and spend a good amount of money on good tea. I’m telling you this is GOOD tea. The taste isn’t powerful and doesn’t leave a sour taste like when you drink tea without sugar. Yep, that’s right, NO sugar needed for great taste. I love this tea. Last, I have been searching for a product that isn’t a one time thing, a trend, or a fast pick me up. I’ve been looking for a “Way of Life”. The nutrients and minerals that this wonder tree has are AWESOME. My body feels GREAT and my mind is ALERT. I encourage everyone to try this product…YOUR BODY WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT. Oh, by the way…Did I mention that I LOST 8.9 POUNDS IN 4 DAYS ON THIS PRODUCT! A Zija customer for life

JoeAnna T.