Weight Loss Testimonial Tina S.

I have had positive results taking Zija products. My main goal was weight loss. I began with XM3 along with Zija Smart Mix, going back and forth losing and unhappily gaining weight back. I am happy to report I have grouped together all the factors, diet, exercise, & supplements, XM3, and from February 1 to February 11, I have decreased from 168 lbs to 161.8lbs. That is a total weight loss of 6.4lbs! I have been actively putting forth effort for the past 11 days and am living the result! I also take Zija Smart Drink 15 minutes prior to breakfast. I feel great and have plenty of energy. I have implemented three times a week Zija tea to aid in digestion and metabolism boost. I am loving the Smart drink , it makes it so easy and quick to get all that nutrition in my body. I have not experienced one negative effect from any of the products I’ve ingested as I have had negative experiences with other diet supplements and vitamins. Xm3 successfully aides in my hunger control and has been amazingly cutting my appetitie even when I crave chocolates!

Tina S.