General Testimonials – Pamala V.

I wasn’t looking for anything to happen when I started drinking the samples that were graciously given to me of the Zija Smart Drink and Detox tea. I wanted to try the drink to help boost my immune system before I went in the hospital for surgery. And I knew a little detox would help me as well. The one thing that I didn’t tell me friend when she gave me the samples was that I had some skin issues. For 4 months I had been suffering with it. The first day I drank the Smart drink, and that evening I drank the detox tea and repeated it the next day. On the third morning I looked in the mirror and noticed that one of the small patches of dry skin was almost gone! I was so excited I called my friend and told her to get me set up on the Smart Drink asap!  In only two week the only thing I had changed in my eating habits was to have one Smart Drink a day! I felt great and my skin looked better. I would have to say that is pretty life changing experience in my book!

Pamala V.