Testimonial – Ericka M.

I have been struggling for about 2 1/2 years with a health issue that affects the immune system. I was a healthy woman, exercising 4-5 times a week then suddenly gained 18lbs…in the end I gained over 70 pounds in less than 6 months (on a 5’2” frame). With this weight gain, I felt down about not feeling good and about the weight gain. I am not usually a vain person but going from a size 3/4 to a 14/16 hurt…. a lot.

Along with the weight gain, I also suffered from memory loss (no kidding), brittle nails, major hair loss, major fatigue, bloating, couldn’t sleep, constant tearing of the eyes, horribly dry skin just to name a few. It has been very frustrating. As crazy as it sounds, I had told myself that I would deal with the pain and other symptoms if I could just lose some of this weight. I was so uncomfortable. I couldn’t eat without my stomach bloating. I had been asked on several occasions if I were pregnant. This is a major no-no in society unless it is obvious that a woman looks pregnant. Embarrassingly enough… I did.

At this point, I have been too afraid to try the diet pills that my endocrinologist had recommended. I had begun to lose faith in the medical field.

I had also started having trouble regulating my blood glucose and had to adjust my diet accordingly – A few months went by when I started seeing the Zija comments on a friend’s Facebook page. The more I saw them pop up, the more curious I became. I started researching it and of course was still skeptical, but refused to get my hopes up. I am just short a month of taking the XM capsules, tea & smart mix. I have now dropped 11 lbs!! For the still skeptics this is what I’ve been doing: I started the initial week by drinking the tea at night right before bed. I did this 3 times (every other night). I started the capsules, WOW the energy that I so missed was back!! I drink the smart mix first thing in the A.M. Going into this I just wanted something “magical” to get this weight off. In the end, I am a believer in the Zija product and it is helping me in so many areas and obviously helping me lose weight!

Ericka M. Pennsylvania